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Decoy Training

"Don't just fill up the suit. Be a helper"

Dutch decoy's are considered to be the best in the world by far. The Dutch way of training k9's has been used to train K9's for more than 100 years. The decoys have an extended training program and they have to take an exam before they are allowed to perform at official matches and exams. Only the best of best have the honor to perform at the Dutch Nationals in Eindhoven.

In the Netherlands the decoy's are called helpers. The reason for this is that the decoys have a huge task in training the dogs. They are not just the decoys that get bitten. They are there to provide the dog with self-confidence,  to give the handlers and trainers advice and of course, make sure that the dogs don't get injured during training. The decoy feels the bite of the dog in certain situations and therefore knows when to support the dog by letting it win or when the pressure on the dog can be increased without decreasing the confidence of the dog. The same goes for the way in which the dog performs the attack on the decoy. Nobody sees the attack as good as the decoy. Does the dog hesitate? Does it have trouble timing the attack or does the dog hit like a wrecking ball? In all these situations,  it's the decoy who has to react properly and give the handler feedback. Training a K9 is a team effort.

Dutch K9-Support teaches decoys the basics that are used in the Netherlands. How to perform as a decoy for the PH1 (police dog 1) certificate and the PH2 (police dog 2) certificate, as well as tips and tricks to bring puppy's and young dogs to the level of a grown secure police dog.